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‧ZenithOptimedia Upgrades its Global Ad Forecast
‧Lotus launches a new website
‧ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom Authorizes Lotus Business Information Company Advertising Sales Agent
‧Lotus Business Information Company Acquires Advertisement Representative Agreement of Exportpages
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‧ZenithOptimedia Upgrades its Global Ad Forecast
‧EETimes Europe Online Moves to a New Platform from February, 2010
‧Integration of IEN Japan and NEP from October 2009
‧Lotus Business Information Company Acquires Advertisement Representative Agreement of Exportpages
‧ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom Authorizes Lotus Business Information Company Advertising Sales Agent
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‧EETimes Europe Online Moves to a New Platform from February, 2010
‧ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom Authorizes Lotus Business Information Company Advertising Sales Agent
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Integration of IEN Japan and NEP from October 2009

INCOM and Thomas Publishing Co announce that IEN-Japan and NEP will be consolidated into one publication from October 2009. Through October, November and December issues, the newly-integrated magazine will adopt the cover titled IEN / NEP. Beginning from January 2010, the unified issue will be published under the new title with IEN and NEP remaining sub-elements of the new logo design. The target circulation of the integrated issues will be 51,000, print edition will be 31,000 and digital edition will be 20,000. The content will cover the wide variety of product news ranging from OEM industrial engineering to electronics, IT and communications with all relating to manufacturing applications. The new publication will remain a product tabloid with unchanged unit sizes, and closing / publishing dates. The new title will be announced in September.

The digital edition will fully integrate with the powerful SeihinNavi Portal (www.imcom.co.jp) by offering the following three instant links: first, link to the product page in each supplier’s website; second, link to supplier’s corporate information page in SeihinNavi, users can reference contact information, product information, news, and catalogue; third, link to the online inquiry page which enables user to send inquiries instantly. 

Since 1972, IEN Japan and NEP have served as the leading source of product information to engineers in Japan. Also, these two publications worked as the seamless bridge between the suppliers and the buyers. During the time being sales agent in Taiwan, Lotus Business helps our clients to promote and advertise their company and products efficiently, and receives favorable impressions from high-technology information, electronic equipment and the combination of mechanical and electronic components’ businesses.

So far, Japan remains one of the world’s leading electronics and industrial engineering countries and focusing on high-end, high-quality electronic, machinery and electrical equipment, and precision instrument. However, in recent years it has become difficult to divide IEN and NEP product categories as most industries cover the field of  both mechanical and electronics, and the field of high-tech manufacturing and combination of mechanical and electronics has no longer exist the difference; therefore, the readers’ identity of IEN Japan and NEP has no distinction. In order to make progresses, the integrated issues accompany with the digital edition with its strong link system will stimulate traffic between print readers and web visitors. We believe the newly-integrated magazine will start with the brand new cover and content. Moreover, we will help you more actively in the future and provide high-quality advertising service for you!

About Lotus Business Information
Lotus Business Information Co. was established in 1985. Lotus provides total marketing solution to help clients to build up Cooperate and Brand Image, to develop worldwide sales channel and to market clients’ products. Total marketing solution contents two elements, the first is Integrated Media Platform, which including B to B industrial magazines, industrial purchasing protocol web-sites, on-line marketing tools and trade shows. The second is to help customers to build cooperate identity system, brand images, and to design promoting materials, such as brochure, catalog, company profile, product package design, web-site design. Welcome to our website for the reference, and experience how we provide a total marketing solution for the clients.

About Thomas Publishing Company:

Thomas Publishing Company devoted to the dissemination of industrial product information for more than 100 years. So far, Lotus Business Information has been the partner of Thomas Publishing Co in Taiwan. Its affiliated portal website ThomasNet (http://www.thomasnet.com/) is preferred by buyers, it offers sellers an ideal opportunity to provide their information at the moment it’s needed. ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom, which is a part of ThomasNet, opens to worldwide professional industry businesses to advertise on this website. Moreover, Thomas Publishing Co publishes IEN-series magazines. IEN-series magazines are the best marketing tools for Taiwan’s business to penetrate international market.

About INCOM (SeihinNavi):

SeihinNavi is the website for providing product information in B to B market. Its rich product content is based on the integration of INCOM product news magazines, which are NEP, IEN-Japan and ITware. INCOM has been serving as a publisher of product news tabloid for more than 35 year. The professional engineers rely on INCOM in Japan’s industrial market because its accuracy and volume of the database. For more than 40 years, NEP, IEN-Japan, and ITware set professional credits in Japan’s market, and have established deep-rooted relationship with Japanese engineers.

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