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What's Exportpages?
“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” With Exportpages, this sentence is no longer true. Exportpages, Europe’s leading export-network, connects sellers to buyers worldwide, extending out to over 3 million business professionals monthly.
Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers¹
Exportpages multinational export-network is available in 26 languages—essential to now begin to expand your international business effectively.
Exceptional Global Market Opportunities
Reach decision makers and potential business partners in over 200 countries on all continents.
¹ Exportpages is available in 26 languages
Maximize Your Exposure
More than 3 million business professionals visit Exportpages every month to find suitable suppliers and partners. To facilitate your prospective buyers’ purchasing decisions, your significant company presentation will include the following:
Products or Services
Display your products or services with a first-level priority placement on Exportpages to ensure buyers see and choose you first, with photos, PDF Catalogs and info-videos to showcase your merchandise or business.
Company Details
Build buyer confidence by familiarizing your customers with detailed information about your company as part of your presentation.
Contact Details
Your company presentation contains all pertinent contact information so buyers can get in touch with you quickly and directly.
Press Releases
Immediately generate valuable public relations for your business with efficient and cost-effective promotion on Exportpages.
New Business Partners New
Use Exportpages to connect with the some of world's largest and best-known international companies and distributors.
In up to 26 Languages¹
Exportpages will translate your presentation into 26 languages and preferably, we’ll see to it that you receive your inquires in English.
¹ Exportpages is available in 26 languages worldwide.
Customers Not Clicks
Numerous clicks on your homepage don’t automatically translate to customer orders. Decisively, the quality of contacts not quantity is the key to economic growth. Expotpages’ members generally have great decision making competency within their businesses.
Our Members
With Exportpages you can connect with decision makers and potential business partners in over 200 countries on all continents.
Exportpages Members are Mid-sized Businesses
With Exportpages you’ll reach target audiences who work for companies with an average of 40 employees. Generate inquiries with volume.
Our Members Make Decisions
More than 86% of Exportpages users are significantly involved in their company’s sourcing and purchasing decisions.
Exportpages Members Look For You
As opposed to standard advertising, with Exportpages you don’t communicate to your prospective buyers by coincidence—rather your customers are looking for you!
This means buyers will not be sidetracked and you receive precise and eligible inquiries.
Comprehensive Marketing
We bring the target audience to you — we are committed to your success. Our worldwide intensive offline and online marketing initiatives provide year-round awareness of your products or services to your target audience.
Ad Placement and Public Relations in Economy and Trade Magazines
We will establish Exportpages worldwide through print advertisements and PR in select economy and trade magazines.
Tradeshow Promotion
Exportpages will be represented along with your company and products at leading international tradeshows.
Ad Placement on Business and Tradeshow Portals
With visually impacting web banner campaigns on high traffic websites, Exportpages uses the internet directly to proactively increase market share and number of users.
Top Positions in Search Engines
We are way up top in 26 languages with global & local search engines, supported by search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
Real-Time Analysis
With Exportpages you immediately know how your promotion and presentation is progressing. Leave everything to us, we’ll report on the frequency of page impressions and product views, buyer inquiries and exactly how many decision makers are interested in your business. You are always ahead of competitors.
In the Know
Effectively analyse the efficacy of your presentation, product appeal, your services, press releases, and status of new partnerships.
Market Research at Your Fingertips
From which country and from what region have your products and services garnered the most appeal? With Exportpages you know from which countries and regions your potential customers are from.


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