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About Allitwares.com
Allitwares.com is one of the most professional portals, focused on all electronics, ICT industry and related business all over the world. Users can browse up-to-date supplier and product information on everything, related to automotive electronics, electronics components, consumer electronics, computer and business automation, communication and networking, control and automation, security, semiconductor, electronic manufacturing equipment, test and measurement. Allitwares.com is a marketplace which connects your website to the most qualified buyers online─Being your sales for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Introduction of Homepage

1. Search Box
Search box with keyword, supplier, or online catalogs& tech notes. Users can search information they need to know with these function.

2. Browse Categories
16 sectors cover everything related to IT industry, from Automotive Electronics to Test and Measurement

3. Featured Products
Featured products are selected from advertiser’s microsite to draw visitor’s attention. It will increase exposure of the products. Also, this area will be rotated; therefore, when users enter Allitwares.com, they will see different products.

4. Webcast
Webcast is the best marketing tools for advertisers to catch visitor’s attention. It enables advertiser to show their special/featured products on homepage of Allitwares.com.

5. Product Spotlight
If advertisers want to present their featured products individually, they can display the products in this section.

6. Trade Shows
The latest trade show preview will be gathered from famous international trade show. It helps visitors to arrange their schedule.

7. Popular Search
The most popular keyword searched by users will shown in Popular Search, and the size represents the number of times the keyword being searched. The tags are hyperlinks which lead to items that are associated with.

8. Focus Company
Advertisers will have their company brief rotated here.

9. Online Catalogs & Tech Notes
All related IT product catalogs and tech notes will be rotated here; registered users can click in and download it or view it online. The material of catalogs and literature is selected from advertiser’s microsite. Files should be PDF file.

10. Trade Show Preview
The latest trade show preview will be gathered from famous international trade show. It helps visitors to arrange their schedule. Also, it will maximize advertiser’s exposure when users enter Allitwares.com.

11. Design& Application Notes and IT Market News
Design& Application Notes and Biomedical And IT Market News are posted or selected from professional magazines and on-line media all over the world, which makes users acquire product news and market news they want to know as long as they access Allitwares.com.


Introduction of second layer of Allitwares.com (Search Result Page)
When users type the keyword of the product or supplier on search box, search engine will grab relevant information, and show it on result page, it includes advertiser’s product cards, free member listing, and some user tools.

1. Complete Product Cards
Complete Product Cards will be displayed on top position of search result page. Position ranking is according to membership grade. Advertiser’s product card contents a lot of elements.
‧A 50-word description of product information with image.
‧Product Categories of supplier offer.
‧Direct link to supplier’s company microsite in Allitwares.com.
‧User can query advertiser directly by clicking inquiry button.
‧Friendly and efficient business tools help user contact suppliers.
Also, registered users can save the product cards to My Allitwares and manage your sourcing projects.


2. Free member listing
Free members will be listed here, which makes users getting more opportunity to know the related companies which she/he searches for.

3. Friendly User Tools
Users can subscribe Allitwares Product Direct, register as Allitwares member, and find advertise information here.

4. IT Market News and Application Note
Biomedical Market News and Application Note are displaying latest news and article. Users can directly click in and view it.



Introduction of Microsite
Each advertiser has their own microsite, and advertisers can display their company information and products as much as they like.

1. Guide Bar
There are 8 guide bars which let users search information easily: Home Page, Company Profile, Company News, Products Show Room, Products News, Catalogs & Tech Notes, Trade Show Information, International Contact, which is convenient for users to click and see.

2. Contact Information
Contact information allows users direct click to your official website and to know more about your company.

3. Two Selected Featured Products
There are two selected featured products display on your microsite, and these two featured products could be chosen to rotate on the homepage of Allitwares.com. Moreover, advertisers can choose which product they would like to place.

4. Company Banner AD
It will display the company image. The Company Banner AD is 680(W) x 200 (H) pixels.

5. Company Brief
Company brief includes company LOGO, company name, industrial category and company brief, and it will directly let users know what the company is about.

6. Product Cards / Product Page
According to different membership, advertisers can post their product cards varies from 10 to 50 product cards. Also, registered users can save the product cards to My Allitwares and manage your sourcing projects.


Display Program Rate for Membership

Service Item Start Program Silver Program Golden Program Platinum Program
Build and Manage Microsite
Home Page Create your unique Domain Name / Image Board / 60 Words Brief / Product Card Listing / URL Link
Company Profile Company Profile with Detail Information
Company News
Products Show Room up to 3 Products Pages 10 Products Pages 25 Products Pages 50 Products Pages
Products News New Product Released on both Product News Center and Microsite
Catalogs & Literature
Trade Show Information
Product Alert / Trade Show Direct 3 Issues 5 Issues 10 Issues
International Contact
Using Inquiry Tracking System(CRM)
Featrued Product Rotated displayed on HomePage 1 Featured Product 2 Featured Products 3 Featured Products 4 Featured Products
Catalog Rotated Displayed on Homepage 1 Catalog 2 Catalogs 3 Catalogs 4 Catalogs
Ranking Point 4th Class 3rd Class 2nd Class Top Position
Received Inquiries
View Sales Lead
Hit Rate Statistics report
Membership Rate US$3,880 per year US$7,480 per year US$12,880 per year

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